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Massage Therapies


Deep Tissue Massage 

Ideal for people with an active athletic lifestyle and a favorite with regular massages clients for their personal wellness routine. Deep tissue therapy is recommended for acute and chronic pain relief. 

Medium Pressure Massage

Just right for your first time getting a massage. Medium pressure is suitable for relaxation, releasing  emotional distress (such as depression, anxiety, etc.), and is the appropriate technique for children and the elderly.

Heat Therapy

Hot stones, hot towels and heating pads are available in the massage session to encourage circulation. There's no extra cost for this service, so just ask us. 


Couple's Massage


A couple massage can be a great way to reconnect with each other in a stress free environment. Whether for a romantic date or to spend quality time together, the couple's massage is a healthy boost to your relationship.

Mix and match the therapies to your desire. Even in couples, individual preferences are important. The price of the couple session will be determined by the therapies selected and the length of the session.


Facial Massage


A facial massage helps relieve tension, restore tone and remove the harsh impact of daily exposure from the environment, cosmetics and stress. Our session includes cleanse, exfoliate, mask, toner and a Chinese facial massage to stimulate circulation and work the reflexology points of the face and head.

Click the link below to watch an actual facial massage session with Li. See how she gracefully works the client's face with gentle strokes and pressure point manipulation.  

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Reflexology, it's in our name and it's the core of what we do. This ancient form of Traditional Chinese Medicine can be traced back 5000 years. 

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Cupping involves placing cups on the skin by creating a vacuum, causing the underlying tissue to be pulled into the cup. It promotes circulation, helps aleviate pain, removes "heat", and draws toxins out of underlying body tissue.


Meet the Owner


Li's Reflexology is a woman owned, locally owned business. Li Yang is originally from China in the southern province of Guangdong. She grew up on a family farm and learned the core values of hard work and honest living. She values every client like a close friend and is always excited to see you.

Her Story


We welcome appointments to fit your personal schedule. When you schedule your time with us, we reserve the room and retain the therapist(s) especially for you. You are our VIP and have priority over other walk in clients. 

Reserving the therapist and room is a contract for service. Don't be a no-show. If you need to reschedule or cancel your massage appointment for any reason, please notify us promptly.  We reserve the right to charge you the full amount for a no-show appointment.

Don't ask - Don't touch

We are not sex workers. Please, do not ask for favors and do not touch the therapists.  

Draping is required. You may undress to your comfort level, but you will be kept covered at all times.

Li's Reflexology

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