About Me


Lihua Yang, Owner, Licensed Massage Therapist

The Chinese word hua (written and pronounced "hwa") means flower, and it is part of my name, Most English speaking people have trouble saying it so I usually only go by Li (spoken "Lee"). I come from a city in China called Huadu, which can translate to "City of Flowers." It is located in Guangdong province in southern China and is just a few hours west of Hong Kong. 

I'm married to an American and came with him to the USA in 2008. Sometimes my English speaking and listening skills get confused and I say things that don't quite make sense, but I love to talk, so I'm willing to try it again and receive pointers to improve my language skills. Like so many others in Corpus Christi, I have multiple tongues; mine are Cantonese, Mandarin and English.

 In China I both enjoyed and learned Traditional Chinese Medicine. Foot massage parlors are very common in China (we don't call it reflexology). We visit them for health, relaxation and even as a social gathering of friends. I studied Western massage techniques here in the US and graduated from Hands On Approach School of Massage Therapy in Corpus Christi. I am certified and licensed in the State of Texas to perform massage therapy and to operate a massage business . 

My personal vision is to offer my clients a personal and professional service that brings both comfort and holistic health benefits. 

Massage Therapy License #MT116381

Licensed Massage Therapy Establishment #ME3670